Nearly every time I ask someone if their stressful divorce battle through the courts was worth it, their answer is no. Mediation is a quicker, cheaper and more amicable alternative, particularly where children are concerned. Justice Minister

family justice reforms

The family justice reforms which came into effect on 22nd April 2014 have changed the way applications are now made to the courts. Courts will no longer make Contact or Residence orders, instead the Courts can make a Child Arrangement Order (setting out where a child lives, who they spend time with etc).

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The Family Mediation Partnership offers All Issues Mediation for anyone in dispute. Our services include dealing with the issues of children, property and finance. Our mediators are all members of professional mediation bodies including The Family Mediators Association and The College of Mediators. They have undertaken intensive and on-going training to deal with all the issues you may wish to resolve.

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