less stress, less time, less money

The benefits of mediation are recognised by many including government, solicitors and in particular those who been through the process.

Mediation is often quicker, cheaper and less confrontational than other ways of resolving disputes. Research shows it can cost a quarter of the price and take a quarter of the time of going to court.

Two thirds of mediation is already resulting in full agreement with much better results for families. Other families repeatedly go back and forth to courts to argue over matters they are better placed to sort out themselves. This is expensive and emotionally draining for all concerned.

Mediation means those in dispute and disagreement can decide how to progress and resolve between themselves and helped by a trained and impartial mediator. This is the alternative to fighting each other through solicitors, with a judge making the key decisions which will shape not only their lives but the lives of their families.

the big 8

There are many benefits which cannot be measured however those listed are ones which research suggests very strong evidence for. Mediation is:

  1. time-saving in comparison with other ways of resolving disputes
  2. less costly than alternatives
  3. less stressful than going to court
  4. a way of enabling the parties to keep in control of the situation
  5. flexible which means you can come back if and when things change
  6. non adversarial, it isn't about letting relationships deteriorate further
  7. always in the best interests of the family
  8. a process focused on achieving a fair outcome for all


  • Mediation is voluntary
  • Mediators are impartial
  • Mediation is confidential
  • Decision making rests with the participants