fair, open and uncomplicated

The emotional cost of family disputes cannot be calculated but we recognise financial planning will be high on the list of things you need to consider at this time. To compare, the total cost of a divorce or separation using solicitors and courts can be up to £13,000 per person, perhaps more. With mediation it can be a little as £1000 per person. We have structured our fees to be fair, open and uncomplicated.

nothing hidden

You will not be charged for phone calls, letters, photocopying, information offered or any administrative time between meetings. You decide what documents you want at the end of the process. These will be charged at our normal mediation rates.

our fees

The fees are £100 per hour per person. We do ask for all fees to be paid in full after the session or before any drafting of documents starts. Fees can be paid by cheque, cash, credit or debit card.

Mediation sessions fees per person Cost Duration
MIAMs £100 60 mins
Mediation Session £150 90 mins
Documentation drafting per person Cost Duration
Parenting Plan £100
Financial Disclosure £100
Memorandum of Understanding £100


"Mediation already helps thousands of legally-aided people across England and Wales every year, but I am concerned those funding their own court actions are missing out on the benefits it can bring. Now everyone will have the opportunity to see if it could be a better solution than going straight to court."

Justice Minister, Jonathan Djanogly Feb 2011